Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frustrating, but....

I've got to believe God has a plan.

Today I got a call from my optometrist's office. They tried to make me an appt with the Neurologist at UNC but apparently they have to review my "referral" and it can be up to a year's wait to get in to see them because they're a "learning facility." Which is irritating...what good is great healthcare in this country if we can't get a hold of it when we need it?!
Anyway, I have decided as a result to go ahead with my doctor's appt tomorrow and get bloodwork done there and then go on and get referred by them to a neurologist that can at least go on and get me an MRI.

But go ahead and PRAY that there is an answer in my bloodwork. Maybe, by some miracle, I won't need an MRI to explain these symptoms. 3 years ago when they did my bloodwork they found nothing. Maybe this time there will be a simple explanation.

Please keep me in your prayers, especially at 2:45 pm tomorrow.
Thanks guys!

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