Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Went to the Optometrist...

And surprise, surprise there is nothing wrong with my eye. But I do have a very small blindspot. They just can't find what would cause it. Good news is , they have referred me to Dr. Felix, the neurologist. Which means that I can skip out on the visit to the family doc on Friday! One less copay and one less time to explain my laundry list of symptoms.
I went to medhelp.org (an online medical community) and I found a few people that have this blind spot symptom (exactly like mine). One girl in particular had it back in May and went to a neurologist- I have written her to ask her what her outcome was. At least I know I'm not a freak and I'm NOT making this all up- she has EXACTLY what I have!! (as far as the 'blindspot' goes)
What the optometrist DID say was that if it were something big neurologically (as in a tumor or MS) then usually there would be something going on with the optic nerve (there wasn't) or the blind spot would be significantly bigger (it's not). So there it is.
Keep praying for me while I seek answers. My BIGGEST fear is that this blind spot will get bigger or more will appear and they will be powerless to stop it because they cannot figure out what is causing it.

I will continue to keep you updated. I should find out when my neuro appt is today so I will post and let you know.

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