Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Appointment over!

Well I went to my neuro appointment today and it went exactly the way I thought it would go. I went in , explained my symptoms, and the doctor basically said that it COULD be MS, so she wants to take a look at my brain. And if they can't find anything there, they'll work their way down my spinal cord. Fun times.
I don't think I have MS. Although, with my symptoms, at this point it seems like a likely option. But I have met so many people online with my symptoms and all of them had an MRI to check for MS and it came up clear. I am willing to bet that will happen with me.
But, if I DO have MS, then God will give me the strength to deal with that. This week they will call and schedule my MRI which should happen sometime next week or the week after that. Until then, I am putting all of this out of my mind. What good will worrying do? Thanks to whoever is reading this and whoever has prayed for me. They did not do blood work. I am assuming that will come eventually.

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