Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank God that's over!

I can tell you right now that I hate MRI's. Hate hate hate! They don't hurt but they make you feel trapped and they make ridiculous amounts of noise. Plus you can't move a muscle the entire time you're in there (which is about 40 minutes!)
Anyway, I got my brain 'results' on DVD. Obviously I don't know what I'm looking at but the neurologist will explain what she finds to me hopefully very, very soon. I am going to be calling her tomorrow to set up a follow-up appointment.
As far as my brain goes it seems normal enough to me. I don't see any huge white mass or anything. On some shots there are some small white dots which could be totally normal or could be something significant...I don't know I guess we'll find out soon. I just want to know really.
I will keep you updated on when my 'results appointment' is. Thanks for reading guys. Please continue to pray.

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