Monday, August 24, 2009

MRI scheduled!

Finally! I am now scheduled to have my MRI this Wednesday at 3:15 pm! This is at a place where it should be 100% covered, so that's a relief! Keep me in your prayers!
I did some research on the spot in my eye- which is difficult to explain, therefore difficult to find information on. Interestingly, though, I found it to be remarkably similar to something called a "scintillating scotoma" which is an extremely common visual aura that presents itself before a migraine. The main difference between that and what I have is that scintillating scotomas go away rather quickly whereas mine has stuck around. Obviously I haven't been having headaches, so I looked up 'ocular migraines' which are basically pain-free headaches that cause all the visual symptoms of a classic migraine (which, I might add, can also include things like tingling). From there I did find a group of people on that have almost ALL of my visual symptoms, to a "T." All of these people had normal MRI results and some have since been diagnosed with "persistent visual aura" as a result of ocular migraines. So who knows, I might be onto something. I did read several women who said that it gets obviously worse during hormone fluctuations (periods/childbirth/bc pills/menopause). My symptoms DID start shortly after the birth of my first child. So, again- I might be onto something.
I guess we'll get a lead after the results of my MRI come back. In any case, keep me in your prayers guys!


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